CEF Contract & Performance Assurance

It was often following the construction and commissioning that energy schemes typically started to underperform. In the main, this was due to a lack of finance, contractual awareness, appropriate sector knowledge and resource. So once a scheme has reached completion, CEF automatically takes on the onus of Contract & Performance Assurance.

As projects are typically a minimum of 15 years, it’s inevitable that things change – site size, personnel, technology and energy prices. Although the Contract caters for much of this, it’s independent Performance Assurance through Monitoring and Verification (M&V) that truly safeguards the long term savings by drawing on the CEF in-house knowledge pool to steer a way through any potential uncertainties that can, and do, arise.

CEF Contract & Performance Assurance protects the Trust from poor outcomes, and through regular engagement with all parties involved, ensures fair and proper Contract enactment and the savings guarantee delivered. Please click for more detailed information.

CEF launch the definitive practice guide

With a foreword by Lord Carter of Coles, the CEF are delighted to announce the publication and launch of Implementing Energy Strategies in Healthcare Estates – A best practice guide to the Model Hospital. 

Structured around a ‘Model Hospital’, the guide has been created with exclusive data garnered from 40+ schemes commissioned by NHS Trusts that are: already in commission; under construction; or, in the initial stages of sign up. Independent of all suppliers and pricing, the Guide offers detailed information on the broad spectrum of technologies available to use within today’s health estate. All of the information featured has been tested and verified from ‘live’ schemes ranging in value from £1m to £32m.

Highly commended for its suitability for a diverse range of audiences as well as its in-depth content, writing style and visual accessability, one academic remarked:“There are many books that are effectively greenwash, finally we have a guide that has real and usable content.” Please click for your copy. 

   £300m of funding for District
   Heating Network schemes 

   The CoCH and CEF 
   NHS Energy Framework



CEF joins New NHS Alliance

Introduced by broadcaster Natasha Kaplinsky, our new video, created in partnership with the New NHS Alliance, highlights the issues of replacing inefficient and outdated energy systems and demonstrates how the CEF currently delivers savings of on average of £1m per NHS Trust and makes the equivialent of every fourth hospital carbon free. Click here to view the video >>

Created by the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for the benefit of their staff and stakeholders, this video shows how the trustees and managers recognised the need to upgrade their outdated energy infrastructure. It also describes the procurement, project management and installation processes for the new technologically advanced Combined Heat & Power boilers (CHP) and District Heating that deliver guaranteed energy, environmental and financial savings together with a vastly improved hospital environment.

Who are the CEF?

Launched by Greg Barker MP at IHEEM in 2011, the Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) has been specifically created to fund, facilitate and project manage complex energy infrastructure upgrades for the NHS and wider Public Sector.
The CEF was co-created with the Department of Health. It is a special purpose vehicle allowing different parts of the Public Sector and NHS to work together. It employs an experienced team drawn from the NHS, National Services Scotland, National Procurement, NHS Strategic Buying Solutions, Oxford AHSN and The Countess of Chester Hospital. In addition to Health it has been chosen as the procurement vehicle for the Cabinet Office Public Sector Solar Scheme and Manchester City Council District Energy Program.
The route to working with the CEF is to seek membership, which then makes all the support of the CEF available to the New Member for the entire procurement, installation and savings monitoring period of the contract.
With a proven track record of more than 40 projects and in-depth experience of procurement, engineering, legal and finance, the CEF is the organisation to successfully guides Public Sector clients through the complex processes involved.

Why Choose Us

  • Created by the NHS for the NHS and Public Sector
  • Efficient and proven OJEU compliant procurement process
  • Access to a £300m+ fund of capital funding
  • The widest choice of ESCo contractors in the UK
  • CEF provides all the specialist skills and resources
  • No up front fees
  • TDA approved procurement process
  • A track record of 40+ successful UK projects to-date

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