Seven acute hospitals made zero carbon at zero cost to the NHS, largest TDA approved scheme in the NHS and proving that Trusts with PFI can install their own CHP. It’s been a busy year for the CEF

The Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) in conjunction with the Countess of Chester Hospital and NHS SBS is on target to exceed its objectives of assisting Trusts in reducing carbon and making savings. It is has over 25 projects completed, in installation or in procurement that will replace over £200m of aging infrastructure, deliver £40m of gross savings and reducing the NHS carbon output by 163,000t or the equivalent of 7 acute hospitals.

A number of firsts have been completed, its Oxford University Hospital Scheme has started construction and at the time of going to print is still the largest project to be approved by the TDA at c£47m. This scheme will place the NHS at the forefront of UK heat revolution as 2 hospitals are linked via a heat network and other public and private sector organisations will have access to lower carbon heat.

Darent Valley Hospital is due to complete construction on its own CHP scheme proving that Trusts with PFI hospitals can still save energy and costs using the CEF PFI method of contract integration. The success of this pilot has led to Great Western Hospital and University Hospitals Coventry commencing procurements.

The CEF is finalising its next tranche of projects and it has c£100m of capital available and up to 12 slots for the next 12 months. There are one or two slots still available and will be allocated on a first come first served basis to seek a slot in tranche 5, which is now fully approved, please drop in and see the CEF at IHEEM.